Propping fire doors open is wrong, right?

It happens a lot, fire doors propped open with a variety of objects, generally something relatively heavy and nearby. Oh, look an extinguisher! Did you know that a £3,000 fine could be imposed for every illegally propped fire door? You can double that figure if extinguishers are used to do it! Did you also know that a Carbon Dioxide extinguisher contains an average of pressure of 825 psi?

Fire doors are a passive fire protection measure to prevent the passage of smoke and flames and in many instances, form compartments to slow the spread of fire. But the main purpose? To keep us safe, but we still prop them open.

Carrying things back and forth through closed doors is a nuisance and trying to open the door with your elbow is no easy task. Warmer weather is coming (really), and working in a hot environment with little air flow can be dead miserable. So of course, prop the door.

But do it with this! Shuttle, the wire free intelligent door stop from It's sleek design keeps your workplace aesthetics beautiful and the brackets for your extinguishers and stay in place, so no more wall damage. Shuttle learns the fire alarm signal and will release the door to close in the event of fire alarm activation, it is programmed to respond only to the alarm, not vacuum cleaners or cheerful whistling colleagues.

Shuttle fire door retaining devices are the fully compliant, legal means to holding open your fire doors and at only £120 + vat each, significantly cheaper than a fine and much safer than an extinguisher. Call 01202 84 96 95 to order yours today.

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