Although your extinguishers sit on the wall or stand doing nothing, they are in fact working constantly, ready for discharge. They are under constant pressure (some around 800 psi) and as pressure vessels, should be respected with the right maintenance.


Many will claim an ability to do this, unfortunately we see quite often in the field, a number of service inconsistencies, some of which are dangerous! 


How can you be sure your equipment is being maintained appropriately?

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The first line in defence is often the signal from a Fire Detection & Alarm System, providing valuable time to identify the location of the outbreak of fire and act accordingly.


Naturally, the system needs to function to design or building and use adaptation. Our maintenance program addresses all function aspects, covering input and output measurments and audibility in respective areas of your premises. 


As with extinguishers, many claim ability to maintain, but we are fully qualified and insured


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Annual Maintenance of Extinguishers
Maintenance of Fire Detection & Alarm
Portable Appliance Testing

We are using more and more electrical appliances and as they are considered a source of ignition in a Fire Risk Assessment, measure should be taken to reduce the risk of fire.


Similarly, in accordance with the Electricity at Work Regulations, you should also be minimising the risks of electrical shock to appliance users.


One way to help in this respect is to subject your appliances to periodic inspection and testing, often referred to as PAT.


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