Fire Risk Assessment

The fire safety benchmark for all businesses occupying non-domestic premises is Fire Risk Assessment. In some circumstances where layout is simple and hazards are low, the assessment can be conducted without specialist knowledge. 


We can conduct an assessment on your behalf, we have experience in many different commercial applications.


The process utilises the PAS79 format and addresses fire hazard eleimination & control, fire safety measures of the building and fire safety management. Call us today for a friendly discussion.

Fire Safety Training

We have a number of solutions to ensure your team are equipped with the appropriate knowledge to condust their days work safely and if the worst happens, deal with the situation to protect life, property and livlihoods. 


Where time is a premium and operations need constant staffing, we have online interactive training which is conducted individually. The courses are modular too, so can be done over a space of time when workflow allows


Training can also be delivered on site with hands on experience of fire extinguisher operation.