Don't wake up Grumpy, let him sleep in...

So we're always being told to test our fire alarm at home. Some of us do and some don't, but one thing I'm sure we all can relate with, is the jolly chirp of a smoke alarm with a low battery in the early hours.

Try to ignore it, get up a ladder to change the battery (if you have a spare) or remove said battery and spend the rest of the night worrying about fire. Guaranteed ruined sleep and all the associated negative elements to deal with during the next day, sound familiar?

How many times over ten years will you have your sleep ruined and how much will replacement batteries cost you?

Battery technology has come on in leaps and bounds over recent years and we can reduce your sleepless nights with these fantastic domestic smoke detection and alarm devices, powered with 10 year life, lithium batteries.

You'll be surprised how little they cost and we can provide a fitting service too, so you don't even need to test your balance! Carbon Monoxide detectors available too. Call today to get yours fitted. Regular testing is recommended

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